Each tour and event is posted here on Grapevine Book Tours once it is open for signups, and an invite will be emailed to subscribed tour hosts via MailChimp.

When tour signups close and a schedule is made 4–6 weeks prior to the tour, the participants will be sent a confirmation email, which will have a link to the tour schedule as well as a review copy if they are scheduled to review.

A final email will be sent a week before the tour, containing the media kit, giveaway details, and any other info needed for tour stops. Guest posts, excerpts, and interviews will be sent no later than a week before the scheduled stop.

Please be aware that not everyone who signs up will get a spot on the tour. This will depend on the tour size and number of signups.

Please be sure your tour post is up by 9am EDT on the day of your tour stop and that it is the top post of the day. Non-tour events do not have to be top posts and can be posted anytime within the event window.

Web addresses must be live links (clickable) and directed to the respective page.

If a blog fails to post on their scheduled tour date, a reminder email will be sent. If this happens three times, the blogger will be no longer be a tour host with Grapevine Book Tours. Entirely missed stops without a reply to the inquiry email is an automatic host removal.

Please remember that reviews should be honest but also respectful and helpful. If you're scheduled to review and find the book isn't for you, giving it a rating of less than three stars, please email us so you can be sent a promo to post for your stop instead. You may publish your review after the tour if you wish.

Please consider posting your reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads. This is extremely helpful to the author.

To prevent accidental early reveals, the book info and image file(s) for cover reveals will be sent 1–2 days before the release date. Cover reveals must be posted no earlier than 12:00am EDT on the date of the reveal. Blogs that publish a cover early will get one warning only. A second occurrence ends Grapevine cover reveal signups for the blogger.

Blitz, blasts, and buzz event emails will be sent within two weeks of the event. It will include all the post info, promos, and giveaway details. You may post any time within the event window, and your post date may change if needed, but be sure to mark down the date on the calendar since a schedule isn't posted—just a list of participants!

We will always keep your interests in mind and be considerate of your time. Your inbox will never be spammed by Grapevine Books Tours. Only one signup email per tour will be sent, and similar tour types will be emailed together. Your name and email address will neither be shared nor used for any purpose other than Grapevine Book Tours signups and tour information distribution.

You will be appreciated—because you are! You will be followed, your posts will be shared, and every quarter, there will be a participant-only giveaway for tour hosts. Link to the giveaway will be sent with each final tour email.