Frequently Asked Questions

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• What book categories (age groups) do you promote?
Grapevine Book Tours focuses on pre-release and post-release tours of New Adult and Adult books, with the occasional acceptance of Young Adult if they are a good fit for our tour hosts.

• What genres do you promote?
All fiction genres are welcome and considered, though we only accept requests that we feel we can successfully promote the book and author. The tour hosts (blogs) are hand selected to fit your genre, and we don't want to waste your time and money if we can't match the genre and/or category with participants.

• Do you promote indie and self-published authors?
Yes! We take on author and publisher clientele of all publishing avenues.

• When is payment due for my tour?
Half the package price must be paid upon booking of the tour, with the total amount paid in full no later than a week prior to tour signups closing.

• My tour doesn't happen for another few months. Can I pay closer to tour dates?
The majority of the work on your tour happens before the actual event. Banners and advertisements are created. The tour hosts are chosen. Excerpts, as well as the posting and tour materials, are selected, written, and distributed. A giveaway is setup, and your book is being read and reviewed.

We need to be assured authors will follow through with requests before we organize the tour and do the work. Half the package paid upfront gives us some of that assurance.

• How far in advance should I book my tour?
The earlier the better. Depending on the package, we prefer at least 8–10 weeks in advance. This will allow:
~ You to have your first choice of tour dates, as our schedule is less likely to be booked.
~ Maximum tour stop signups, as the tour hosts (bloggers) are more likely to have open dates and will have time to read and review.
~ Time for you to write any guest post(s) and complete interview(s).
~ All visual tour materials to be finished by us, well in advance so everyone can advertise the tour.
~ A payment plan to be made if you need/have one.

• How do you accept payment?
Currently, we only accept payment via PayPal. Once the tours terms are decided and agreed upon, Grapevine Book Tours will send you an invoice.

• What is your refund policy?
All payments are non-refundable. There may be rare situations a refund is warranted, in which case we will work with you to find a solution we can both agree with.

• Do you have payment plans?
Yes, but the need for one must be mentioned in your tour request and at least 3–4 months in advance. Since booking is limited and the tour must be paid in full before the tour host signups are closed, we want to ensure there is enough time for the payment plan and the coordination of the tour. We have several payment plans depending on the tour type. We are also open to hearing your own if you have one in mind to fit your budget.

• What is a book blog tour?
A book blog tour is a virtual book tour, with selected bloggers promoting you and your work throughout the blogoshpere. They give you and your book a ton of exposure with visual and word-of-mouth publicity in the form of reviews, interviews, guest posts, book excerpts, and more—all from home and that can potentially reach thousands of readers' eyes.

• What is expected of me in a blog tour?
Every tour service is different, but here at Grapevine Book Tours, you only need to provide book copies, write guest posts, and complete any interviews. We organize, create, select, and distribute everything else from start to finish, ensuring all aspects of the tour run smoothly and that it is as successful as possible.

• Will the reviews be positive?
We cannot guarantee everyone will like the book. We do, however, ask the bloggers to refrain from posting their reviews during the tour if they give a rating of less than three stars. In place of their review stop, a promo will be provided for them to post.

• Can I change my tour dates?
Yes, but only before the tour signups have been posted.

• How can I be sure you are doing your job, that all the tour hosts get the information and in timely manner?
We BCC you in the email for everything we send out with the tour. If you would rather we didn't for all or only certain aspects, just let us know!

• What book formats do you accept for tours?
We accept print, mobi, epub, and PDF.

• Who is responsible for sending out the review copies?
To save you time, we automatically offer to send eBook copies to the reviewers (and reviewers only)—at no extra cost and only with your permission. This can be as a single file attachment with the reviewer's preferred eBook format or via Smashwords code with an expiration date. You also have the option to send copies to the reviewers yourself. Print copies must be sent by you.

• When must review copies be sent?
Once we send the initial tour email to the participating bloggers (6–8 weeks prior to the tour), we will contact you about distributing review copies if you decide to send them yourself.

• What is the required length for each guest post?
Some blogs have their own requirements, but the average is 300–500 words.

• What if I am unable to think of a topic for a guest post?
We ask bloggers who signup for a guest post stop to provide multiple guest post topics. If they don't, we can provide ideas for you upon request.

• As of excerpts, who selects them and what are the requirements?
Excerpts can be selected by you, us, or a combination of both. Excerpts should be around 400 words minimum. The amount of excerpts depends on the tour type as well as how many reviewers found the book wasn't for them. Each one must be provided no later than a week before the respective stop.

If you choose to have excerpts selected by us, an eBook copy must be provided at least six weeks in advance. We can have you approve each if you wish, and you can always direct us to the passage(s) or chapter(s) you like. We'll simply gather the info and ready the document(s).

• Is a giveaway mandatory in a tour?
Only for book blitzes. For other events and tours, a giveaway is not mandatory. Grapevine Book Tours' packages already include a gift card giveaway, but they can be excluded upon request and with a price reduction.

• How do giveaways help a tour?
Author appearances with a giveaway receive more traffic and interest than those that don't, and a giveaway draws in more tour host signups. The giveaway Rafflecopter also benefits you with entries such as "Add book to Goodreads," "Follow the author on Twitter," "Like the author Facebook page," etc.

• What can the prizes include?
Anything! Book, either digital or print, giveaways give readers who are unfamiliar with you and your works a chance to try your writing without having to buy anything, leading to potential future fans. Signed print copies are highly desired because of the novelty. Gift card giveaways can be minimal but effective and could encourage the purchasing of the book if one isn't a prize. Swag (signed bookmarks, stickers, jewelry, etc.) are always fun and can be unique to the storyline.

• What types of giveaways are there?
Giveaways can be a tour-wide (shared between all the tour stops); individual for a certain amount of stops (which get the most host participants, meaning more exposure); or a combination of both.

• Who is responsible for the giveaway Rafflecopter?
We organize and handle the Rafflecopter unless requested otherwise. Entries will promote you and your book, and you can specify the entries if you wish.

• Who is responsible for distributing the prizes?
To save you time so you can sit back and continue to write, we can send eBook and/or swag prizes to the winners. We BCC you when we do for eBooks. Swag must be sent to us at least two weeks before the tour ends so we can mail them accordingly as soon as possible. Print copies must be shipped by you and in a timely manner, or we can but at an extra charge of shipping and handling.