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Tour: Vigil by V.J. Chambers

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by V.J. Chambers
Publication: July 17th, 2013 by Punk Rawk Books
Genre: New Adult Romantic Suspense

When newspaper intern Cecily Kane kisses a masked vigilante, she doesn’t realize she’s plunging headlong into a relationship with two separate identities.

As Vigil, he is dark, sensuous, and irresistible. His touch skyrockets her to heights of pleasure. As Callum Rutherford, he is a billionaire playboy—arrogant, cold, and untouchable. She looks good on his arm, but
without his mask, he holds her at arm’s length.

Sex with a masked man. Dinner with a rich
sophisticate. A fractured relationship with a complicated man.

Deep down, he is broken, twisted in some dark, hidden way. Some way he won’t reveal to her. She only knows that it is somehow connected to his obsession with The Phantom, the costumed villain whose murder spree has rocked the city.

She must unravel Vigil’s secrets. To make him whole. And to stop The Phantom.

V. J. Chambers likes bad boys, but she likes them to be actual bad boys, not misunderstood weaklings who cover up their emotional scars with a thin veneer of pretend bad-boy-ness.

She likes to tackle difficult philosophical questions. She likes to push fiction to the edge, to go just a little farther.

She writes stories about difficult people living difficult lives in difficult situations. Usually, there’s magic. Or monsters. Or space. Or gun fights. A lot of times, there’s also L-O-V-E. (Or at least uncomfortable conversations about sex.)

She’s the author of the Jason and Azazel series and many other stories for teens and adults. She lives in Shepherdstown, WV with her boyfriend Aaron and their cat.